Because Fiend Works.

Throughout history, those that didn't exactly toe the line of the majority were given labels meant to denegrate them. Labels that were meant to 'shame' them into either coming back to the fold or just shut up and stop tinkering with the status quo.

Labels that were intended to make the 'good, upstanding people' keep as far away from their pervasive influence as possible. Labels such as apostate, heretic, heathen, democrat...

With this is mind, we gathered here have decided to gleefully accept a word that denotes such insidious iconoclasty and use it as our own. FIEND. The funny thing about the word Fiend is that it's the same as Friend - only without 'R' being included. Cute, eh? We're packed to the rafters with that kind of witty material.

The content you'll find here is at times controversial and challenging. That sort of thing is bound to happen when you find stuff that makes you think a little. Deal with it. Fiends rattle the cages and shake the trees; not only because someone has to - but because it's FUN.

So, all you need to do from here is select one of the buttons over there on the left. It will take you to the subdomain of one of the Fiends we've got on staff, each of whom specializes in some sort of chicanery that You Should Not Be Exposed To.